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August 6, 2019

Ms. S shares her boudoir shoot experience.

Ms. S came into my studio having never done a boudoir photo shoot before. I absolutely loved that she was doing it for herself! I love all the reasons women come to me for a boudoir shoot but especially when women come with the intention of “I’m doing this for me”. It most certainly is for you! 

Ms. S was a rockstar! She rocked her shoot and was amazing to work with. Read below to hear all about her boudoir shoot experience!

“My photo shoot with Lynn was so amazing! I had so much fun while doing it! Lynn was great she made me feel comfortable both during the shoot and before while my hair and make was being done. I was actual very surprised at how normal I felt while taking the pictures. There were no nerves just excitement. There were even times that we were laughing and I and to take a moment to compose myself so that we could continue!

My shoot with Lynn made my body confidence grow so much that day. When she showed me the photos at the end when I ordered, I just couldn’t believe how amazing they turned out!

So lady’s if you are having second thoughts about doing a boudoir shoot, throw them out of your mind and book your session and know that you are in fantastic hands with Lynn !! Thank you so much Lynn for my shoot and I can’t wait for my order to get here so I can look at them everyday and show them off!!!”

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Thank you for hiring me, Ms. S, I loved working with you! I’m so glad you enjoyed the experience and your images – I loved meeting you!


Lynn Dee

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