Bridal Boudoir Photoshoot: Why Every Bride Deserves One

July 1, 2022

As the bride-to-be, a boudoir shoot is the perfect way to capture a moment when your wedding agenda might feel more like a whirlwind. The best part? It’s self-care that keeps giving back long after your session is complete! Here’s why booking a bridal boudoir photoshoot is just about the most incredible wedding gift you can give yourself – and your spouse!

bride in lingerie, gazing at her engagement ring during a boudoir shoot

Do Something For Yourself

Let’s be honest – wedding planning isn’t for the faint of heart.  It’s a LOT of work – and you deserve a break for a little fun!  Your upcoming wedding is the perfect time to celebrate the uniquely beautiful y-o-u. You’re already getting that mani/pedi, so why not show it off with a little va-va-voom in a bridal boudoir photoshoot? A little nervous about the big day (or the wedding night)?  Give yourself the confidence boost to slay – and maybe even get to know a new, foxy side of yourself.

full-length photo of a bride in lingerie and a long veil, standing in front of a window during a bridal boudoir shoot

Give Them the Best Wedding Gift EVER 

You’ve found your special someone, and you’re so excited to spend the rest of your life with them – but what on earth are you going to give them as a wedding gift?  An engraved keychain or piece of jewelry is nice, but you know what will really wow them? A fine art boudoir album with sexy photos of YOU!  It’s the perfect keepsake of this exciting time in your lives! 

bride in lingerie and garters, wearing a long veil and standing in front of a curtained window during a bridal boudoir shoot

Plan a Memorable Girls’ Day Out

Shopping + girl time = a happy bride-to-be.  Even if you don’t love to shop, you probably have friends who do. Grab your girls for a fun day of lingerie shopping and throw in a weekend lunch for good measure. Shopping with your faithful fan club is a great way to stretch your creative options, not to mention getting some great feedback from people who love you to pieces.

bride peeking out from behind a beautiful, gauzy veil

Explore Your Lingerie Options

Needless to say, picking out lingerie isn’t exactly a class you can take down at the community center.  But in truth, matter how many Vogue magazines you read, you probably haven’t pinned down your favorite lingerie type yet. A boudoir photoshoot is the perfect time to show your glow in a whole new way. Whether you go for an oversized button-up, a jersey, or a garter-belt-and-stocking look (or all of the above), this is the perfect opportunity to discover your ideal lingerie style…you know, for future reference 😉

portrait shot of a bride gazing at her engagement ring during a bridal boudoir shoot

Preserve ALL Those Wedding Memories

There are the wedding photos that you share with your grandparents and your social media profiles…so everyone can ooh and ahhh about how beautiful and happy you look.  But there’s something extra-special about having a set of photos that are just for you and your spouse – the ones that might have your grandma clutching her pearls in shock.  It’s fun to be a little risque, a little rebellious…and a LOT sexy!

bride looking down, away from the camera, as she poses in her wedding veil

So if you’re planning your big day, we’d love to make you a Lynn Dee bride!  Click here to schedule a free, no-obligation chat about our bridal boudoir shoots. (Want to involve your honey, too? Check out our couples’ shoots, too!)

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