The Power of Energy and Frequency: Creating Our Reality

July 16, 2023

I am taking a risk here. I want to share a lot of who I am and part of that is my spirituality. I ask that you receive this with open hearts and know that my goal here is to open up myself, be brave, and share with you why it is that I find beauty in everything and how that translates to the images I capture. So, let’s start at the beginning:

Energy: The Essence of Existence

In my world, energy is the life force that fills the universe. It is the invisible thread that weaves through everything and everyone. It is the foundation of reality and shapes the world around us. The concept that energy is in fact in everything is a science fact. Albert Einstein said this in his formula E = MC 2 . So, we cannot deny that we, as humans are energy itself- in physical form.

Frequency: The Way We Connect

Frequency is the language through which energy speaks to us. Each thought, emotion, and intention sends out a unique frequency. You know you have felt this. You are fully aware when someone is happy, sad, upset, or feels longing or love. You turn around when someone is looking at you because you feel it. We can ignore it but it is there. When I take pictures, I can sense this and I work to connect to your energy and frequency so that your images show your true self.

So here is me telling you my truth: I know that I am an empath. I feel others’ feelings with intensity. Have you ever been with someone who is crying and you cry with them even though it’s not your issue? Yeah, that’s me. So, I also bring this to my sessions and connect with you in a deep way.

Manifesting Our Desires

I do believe that like attracts like. As energetic beings, we have the power to shape our reality by aligning our vibration with our deepest desires. We connect to others through the vibrations that we emit. When we send out or feel positive vibrations, we draw similar energies, people, and experiences into our lives. Living in the mindset of love, joy, and gratitude, we become magnets for abundance, happiness, and serendipitous encounters. My studio is filled with positive vibes so that your positivity, self-love, and acceptance can show up in a safe environment.

The Creative Power of Mind

Our thoughts are the creators of our reality. Every idea, belief, and visualization is an invitation for the universe to manifest. By nurturing positive thoughts and affirmations, we plant the seeds of transformation and invite miracles into our lives. So, when you feel beautiful guess what, you ARE beautiful and EVERYONE can feel and see it.

Energizing Our Reality

Here is the fun part, emotions are the colors that paint our reality. They hold tremendous power because they act as catalysts that fuel the manifestation process. When we experience emotions of love, passion, and enthusiasm, our vibrational frequency rises, amplifying the energy we radiate. Embracing positive emotions empowers us to co-create a more vibrant and fulfilling existence.

Your Divine Power

I am here to remind you today that you are the co-creator of your reality. Within the depths of your being, lies infinite and beautiful divine power, waiting to be released. I am sharing my perspective so you get to know me in a little bit of a different way. My hope is that you trust in your ability to create your own reality, filled with your hopes and desires.

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