How Boudoir Photography Helps You Feel Sexy

November 25, 2020

how boudoir helps you feel sexy

How many of you experience difficulty accepting compliments from strangers, friends, and your partner?

I sure as hell have!

Fun fact: Studies show that people with low confidence and self-esteem tend to struggle with accepting compliments, admiration, and love from others. 

To begin, I want to make it clear that it’s natural for many of us to feel insecure and vulnerable at this time, especially given the state of our world.

However, although the thoughts and beliefs we experience aren’t necessarily factual, they can still be extremely daunting at times.

For instance, the things that used to build us up like getting dolled up, having outings with our loved ones, and celebrating milestones aren’t in the cards for us right now, and it’s hard!

boudoir photoshoot sexy

Furthermore, it’s understandable that many of us are feeling a lack of purpose right now. This leaves many of us feeling confused and depressed. For some of us this can look like experiencing a lack of pleasure in doing things, fluctuations in our weight, are feeling on-edge and even fearful for what’s to come.

So… how do we combat this? How do we get our confidence back and increase our self-esteem?

How do we accept those compliments that we all deserve?Ω

boudoir sexy

Two words: opposite action.

Now is your time to fight your shame by opening up to someone you trust and love! Take time to speak words of affirmation to yourself daily. Reach out to someone to see how they’re doing. Do your makeup just for fun. Take some time to self-soothe. Go buy some lingerie that makes you feel powerful. Do the boudoir photoshoot!

One of the most fulfilling things that I experience as a boudoir photographer is watching women ignite their sensuality.

In particular, when first entering my studio, many clients of mine who haven’t experienced boudoir photography before can feel extremely outside of their comfort zone. Yet shortly into our sessions they start to open up, own their femininity, and feel empowered. Many women who I’ve worked with tell me that these sessions make them feel sexier and powerful. You can experience all of these feelings too.

In other words, although you may not feel “good” right now, this too shall pass.

sexy boudoir

Now is the time to give yourself some extra love and patience.

Want to learn more about how boudoir photography can increase your confidence? Check out my blog post here.

Don’t know what opposite action is? Click here to learn more on how to combat your shame.

If you’re located in the Vero Beach area, book your boudoir photoshoot with me today!

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