Boudoir Photoshoots And Self-Image

January 11, 2021

self image

How many times have you made an excuse as to why it isn’t a good time for you to do a photoshoot?

self image

A majority of these excuses revolve around our body image. Some of these excuses may look like: 

“I’ll do the shoot when I lose x amount of lbs”.

“I’ll get too nervous and will look awkward”.

“I don’t like pictures with my body in it”.

“I don’t have anyone to gift the pictures to”.

“I’m too old for that”.

“None of my clothes look good on me”.

“What if my partner doesn’t like my photos?”

So many of us have used these excuses at one point or another, and ironically even as a boudoir photographer, I have used some of these excuses as well.

Yet all of these feelings and beliefs we have are nowhere near the truth. In fact, doing the boudoir photoshoot most often boosts your confidence.

boudoir and self image

Truth is, there might never be a time that feels 110% right- and that’s okay. How we perceive our mind, body, and spirit naturally fluctuates. By pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, you create space for you to learn how to love yourself more. Basically what I’m saying is that boudoir photoshoots provide you with an opportunity for growth.

improve your self image

Boudoir photography has no age limits. All bodies are welcome and celebrated. As your photographer, it’s my job to pose you and help put you at ease. Boudoir photoshoots create space to appreciate yourself for where you’re at- if you’re gifting this to your partner that’s just an extra plus!

Don’t let your excuses get in the way of your happiness. Just do the damn photoshoot.

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Get outside of yourself and reach out if you want to learn more or book your boudoir photoshoot.

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