Feeling Insecure Being Naked In Front Of Your Partner?

March 12, 2021

I think it’s safe to say that many of us feel uncomfortable being naked in front of our partner. Want to learn how to increase your confidence and transform your body image? Keep reading.

being naked in front of partner confidence
Embrace your sensuality

I’ll be frank- this is an uncomfortable topic for many of us because the idea of this is filled with shame. But the way to walk through this discomfort and fight your shame is simply by opening the door and talking about it.

boudoir and confidence
You deserve to feel comfortable in your own skin

That being said, let’s talk about why we feel uncomfortable being naked in front of our partner.

All of us experience insecurity.

For many of us, these insecurities center around our body, complexion, weight, etc. There are so many factors that influence the way you’re perceive yourself. Some of these factors include social media, your friends and family, and our today’s society.

Social media has constructed unattainable ideals about what we should look like. Social norms and standards have also influenced how we imagine what true “beauty” looks like. Your family, friends, and peers may influence these ideals along with how you perceive yourself.

Intimacy is expressing your sensuality in a very vulnerable way. We don’t share all of these parts ourselves with everyone and it’s important to feel trust, respect, and comfort when opening up (and staying open) with your partner. 

Yet at the same time being in the moment can be difficult when your insecurities become louder after taking your clothes off. 

Truth is, no matter how much weight you lose/gain, what surgeries you have, etc you won’t fully feel better because it all comes back to your mind. 

Now let’s get to the solution.

boudoir and confidence
Your confidence translates to the bedroom

There are many different ways that you can address and combat your insecurities. Many women who struggle with these experiences come to me to help regain their confidence and embrace their body. This is a great way to transform the way that you perceive and love yourself and will translate to the bedroom.

It’s taken a mix of these practices (and more) to overcome my insecurities. To be honest, I still struggle with these thoughts at times- they’re just typically not as loud. 

All of us have the capacity to feel comfortable in our bodies, fight our insecurities, and be able to be in the moment in our bedroom without the presence of shame.

All it takes is being the slightest bit open and willing to fight your fears and work through your shame.

feeling confident about your body

So here’s some encouragement to give yourself a little extra love for where you are in this very moment. Remember to be patient with yourself and create room for grace in your life.

If you’re struggling to being naked in front of your partner, I highly recommend checking out my post explaining ways increase your confidence.

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