It’s Time To Normalize Stretch Marks

May 3, 2021

Let’s be real- almost all of us women have or will have stretch marks at some point in our lives.

Additionally, many of us have or will try to hide those marks because of the shame that comes with them. (Go check out the 900k+ posts on Instagram using stretch marks as a hashtag).

Most of this shame stems from what we think a “perfect” body looks like. Influencers on social media, celebrities we see on tv, and airbrushed models featured in magazines have taught us that in order to be pretty, our body needs to be a perfectly untouched hourglass shape with no scars or marks to be found. 

They make it seem like a “perfect” body is equivalent to a blank canvas- that life hasn’t touched them.

Here’s the thing- we’ve all had our fair share of experiences around the sun, which in turn means that we sure as hell put our bodies through a lot. Many of those influencers, actors, and models that you follow have them as well (once again, go checkout that hashtag.

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I’m here to encourage you and push you to start looking at yourself in a different way. To learn how to love your stretch marks and cherish your body for all that it’s gone through.

Our stretch marks tell our stories. They show our pain. They show our growth. They’re part of our imprint- they’re part of what makes us, us. 

So, let’s get onto normalizing stretch marks, where they come from, and the beauty of them!

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There’s handfuls of factors that can contribute to stretch marks.

Pregnancy, growth-spurts, ED recoverers, weight fluctuation, bodybuilding- heck the list can go on and on.

Now let’s add the stories to some of the reasons I listed above:

A woman growing another being inside of them, forming a deep bond and profound love for her new addition to the family.

Someone who battled with her eating disorder for years and has found her path to recovery.

A young teenager who grew 4 inches within a year.

People experiencing a fluctuation right now during Covid-19.

Bodybuilders who feel their muscles growing at fast rates.

So, if you weren’t convinced before, stretch marks are extremely common.

I’m here to remind you that you don’t need to hide your marks from yourself or others. They’re a part of you, and that’s okay! Combat that shame and learn to accept and own them. 

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Don’t forget- all of you deserve to be loved- especially your stretch marks.

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