Helping You Claim Ownership of Your Body

July 26, 2022

For most women, these last few months of 2022 have been a lot to handle. It’s been a nonstop onslaught of discussion about body autonomy, sexuality, sin, rights, and bodily choice. Our bodies and rights have been diminished without our consent – but it’s time for that to stop. It’s time to claim ownership of your body.

Whatever your personal experience is in relation to the current cultural backslide, I just want you to know that your feelings and experience are valid.  If you’ve been experiencing pain, rage, confusion, or sadness, you’re not alone. 

But we need to talk about what’s going on.

woman in black lingerie sitting on stool looking at the camera as she claims ownership of her body

The Effect of Shame and Judgment on Women

There’s been a lot of opinionating about sexuality and women’s bodies in this country, a topic which is linked to our own feelings of self-worth, beauty, and validity. As I consider how the present situation related to my work, I keep returning to the topics of shame and judgment.

So many women have been conditioned to be embarrassed or ashamed of their bodies. Whether it’s cellulite, stretch marks, or scars, women constantly worry that they’re not “enough.” Embracing and appreciating one’s body is a powerful decision that many women struggle to make. Luckily, that’s where we come in. In our boudoir shoots, we get to witness the transformation of so many women as they discover just how beautiful they are.

At a time when the our bodily autonomy is under attack, it’s even more important that we encourage this appreciation. Through literally and figuratively stripping down, we remove the barriers to truly seeing the empowered and pure being that you are. 

black woman lying on bed in yellow lingerie and black boots, claiming ownership of her body

The True Power of Boudoir Photography

A common stigma exists that boudoir photography is “naughty” or “explicit.”  Not only are both terms incredibly negative – neither could be further from the truth!

Our work is about positivity and beauty – both of which exist within you whether you’re in front of our cameras or not.  We help draw out the natural beauty that you were born with and may hide away because of how society makes you feel about your own amazing body!

Shame, judgment, and negativity have no place in our shoots. By treating everyone we work with respectfully, kindly, and with the utmost care, we’re able to draw out the true you.   Check out Cecelia’s story – after some really tough times, boudoir helped her rediscover who she was deep down inside.

woman wearing red lingerie reclining on a green bench in front of a white curtained window

It’s Time to Claim Ownership of Your Body

If you’ve ever felt self-conscious or “not enough” in your own skin…

Bullied, shamed, or disrespected as a woman…

That you need to hide away and not express yourself because others might judge…

It’s time to shut it down. To change this perception. To rightfully claim ownership of our bodies.

This is where a shift in perception needs to take place.  This outdated, “traditional” view through a lens (sorry for the photography pun!) of how our naturally sensual bodies are bad or wrong needs to change! 

Ladies, please listen to me. There is NOTHING wrong with your body!  Women are naturally sensual beings of tremendous power and exuberance! 

I will never stop encouraging women to break free of the controlling powers that tell them they’re “wrong” or that what they’re doing is worthy of “embarrassment.”  

You’ll find with us that you feel the exact opposite.  

You are perfect the way you are!  

You are incredibly amazing!  

There is only one you and you broke the mold!

So I want to remind you one more time…

Only YOU get to say what is beautiful, powerful, and positive for you.

Nobody else.

woman wearing green lingerie leaning against a flowered wall looking at the camera

Connect with me here and let’s decide the best way to reclaim your body and your definition of beauty, together.

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