Your Boudoir Shoot Questions Answered

August 17, 2022

Picture it:  You are about to head out the door to model for the first time at your scheduled boudoir photography shoot. The butterflies are buzzing around in your stomach. You’re beginning to second guess your decision. Your fear of being vulnerable, dressed in lingerie, in front of a camera begins to stop you in your tracks.

You are not alone in these anxieties! 

As humans, we’re wired to pause when we feel vulnerable or uncertain.  Our survival instincts kick in so that when we encounter our first grizzly bear, we don’t shower it with behind-the-ear scratches.  

(Don’t worry – I promise you won’t encounter any grizzly bears at your boudoir shoot!)  

Instead, you are more likely to find yourself at the end feeling as powerful, wild, and free as that bear!  

Many of our models do feel nervous before they enter the studio, so I wanted to share a primer on what to expect when you do a boudoir photo shoot with us. That way you can calm those nerves and step into your empowered self with ease and flow!

Woman in fishnet stockings and a white crop top poses in on a green bench in front of a window and a floral-covered wall

The Who: Who Will Be At The Session?

With this being a very intimate experience, a lot of ladies worry about who will be present during their session.  

How many people will be in the room?  

Who will witness me connecting with my own sensuality?  

We work with you to make sure you are absolutely comfortable during your shoot. 

Part of your experience includes time in the chair with our amazing hair and makeup artist. Kailyn will often stick around for touchups or theme changes during your session – if you’re comfortable with that.  If not, no big deal!  

During the shoot, it can be just me (Lynn) and you. You can bring a friend or family member if that makes you more comfortable. We also welcome couples to take part together (with gorgeous, sexy results – take a look!)

This is YOUR model experience and we’ll work together to make it perfect!

The What: What Will I Wear in My Boudoir Shoot?

Is there specific lingerie that I am supposed to wear?

How much skin will I be showing? 

Will I be in my birthday suit?

This is your shoot, and we will create an experience customized to your comfort and desires!  

You can absolutely rock lingerie and be fiercely empowered – without bearing it all!  

You can bring your own outfits, or you can borrow some from our Client Closet (more on that below).

(Actually, in a recent blog, I wrote about the psychological power of leaving some things to the imagination!)  

We create breathtaking results for you no matter how much you decide to reveal!

We understand that every woman has their own threshold for comfort, and we don’t want to violate that.

If I ask you to pose in a way that makes you uncomfortable, you can absolutely say no.  No judgment, no criticism.  

That said, once we get going, you just might surprise yourself and find that your comfort zone grows a little as we go!

Image of a woman with long, wavy brown hair posing with her eyes closed in a dark red flowing gown that is sheer on the bottom.

The When: A Boudoir Shoot Timeline

So, how much time should you expect this to take?  

Your shoot itself will last approximately three hours from arrival to departure.

This is going to be a special day all about you, so we don’t want to rush your experience! 

First, we have a consultation call where you’re able to ask all your questions. I’ll give more details on what you can expect before, during, and after your boudoir shoot.  

On the day of your shoot, you’ll arrive at the studio and our fabulous hair and makeup artist, Kailyn, will whisk you away to your glam session! 

Then it’s time to shop!  You may bring your own lingerie if you wish, or you can browse our Client Closet for lingerie, accessories, heels, and more!  You’ll choose 3-4 outfits and accessories that we’ll integrate into your shoot.  We’ll be on hand for feedback and ideas if you need them! 

Once the shoot is over, I’ll sort through the dozens of photos and select the ones that perfectly highlight your beauty and sexuality.  Then I’ll touch them up for lighting, coloration, and other technical stuff.   About 3-4 weeks after your shoot, we’ll bring you in for The Big Reveal to see your photos and select the products you want to help you remember your experience! 

The Why: Why Schedule Your Boudoir Shoot?

So why should you schedule a boudoir photography shoot in the first place?  

Boudoir is unlike any other experience you’ll ever have.  You’ll feel empowered, sexy, and so, so feminine!  Our clients have shared the boost they receive to their self-esteem and the impact that it has had on those they choose to share themselves with.  

Body positivity and self-empowerment are really what it’s all about!  

Witnessing these transformations of my clients has truly been one of the most beautiful rewarding experiences of my life!

Image of a woman posing in a leather motorcycle vest with patches and a black and pinky lacy bra and fishnets

The How: How to Pose Like a Pro!

One of the biggest concerns we hear from potential clients is that they’ve never been a model and they don’t know how to pose!

Don’t worry! 

I’ll tell you step-by-step what to do with each part of your body, and I’ll even demonstrate the poses myself!  Just trust the process, and I promise you’ll LOVE the results! 

I have worked with women (and men!) of all shapes and sizes.  Women who have been through chemo for breast cancer.  Women who have escaped from abusive relationships.  Women who are about to give (or have just given) birth.  Women who are embracing their femininity and beauty after decades of hiding their bodies.

Every body is beautiful.  Every woman deserves to be celebrated.  And I am honored (and humbled) by the trust women put into me every day.

I hope this guide has helped ease your anxiety and given you a better idea of what to expect at your shoot!

So what’s your next step?  Schedule a no-obligation consultation with me.  I’ll answer all your questions and we’ll get you scheduled for your shoot!

Call us today at (772) 713-8338 or click here to schedule our chat.  I’m excited for you to explore your femininity through photography! 

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