Self-Esteem and the Psychology of Lingerie

August 17, 2022

They say that less is more…but that’s not always true! What if you could have more money, more love, or more self-esteem?

(“Uh, Lynn, what does this have to do with boudoir?”). Stay with me!

A lot of people think that in boudoir photography, the more skin you show, the better. But in fact, that’s not the case – and psychology bears that out! (Or should that be “bare?” Ha!) 

Studies have shown that underwear (specifically lingerie) can have a deep impact on self-confidence and self-esteem. 

When we put on lingerie, we begin to feel more empowered and sexy!  By clothing ourselves in something sensual, our mental image begins to align with that belief!  In the studio, I have seen it time and time again. Transformational!

Your boosted mindset and self-esteem help trigger positive impacts for observers as well.  When you are feeling confident, powerful, and sexy, those around you are drawn to you.  Your empowered feelings about yourself become contagious!  As you keep reading, you’ll see there is actual science to back this up!

Image of a woman lying on a pink rug in lingerie

The Power of the Panties

I’ve seen women become bolder, more daring, and more confident from behind my camera. The last thing I want in one of my shoots is for the model to focus on their perceived flaws or shortcomings. When completely nude, that negativity is more likely to occur.  Lingerie and underwear create a sense of mystery, power, and allure. The right outfit boosts self-esteem and assists in body-positive empowerment!    

Let’s look at some very real evidence, (you know, the science-based psychological stuff!) behind why lingerie creates these self-empowered and phenomenal feelings!

image of a woman's booty in pink lingerie

How Lingerie Can Boost Your Self-Esteem

For the moment, let’s forget those looking AT you.

Instead, let’s start with the incredible individual who matters most – YOU!  

Self-esteem is one of the sexiest qualities a woman can have. 

Countless research has been done on the psychology of how we perceive ourselves and others. For example, we make associations and assumptions about who a person is or what a person does for work based on how they dress.  

Close your eyes for a moment and picture a movie star. Now picture a doctor, a weight-lifter, and a bookworm. Likely it was the clothes (hair, makeup, etc.) that helped you paint the vision of that person’s “identity.”  

Clothing can be a functional tool to express identity – including your undergarments!

So psychologically speaking, if you want to feel like an all-powerful, self-assured, sensual goddess, then it helps your mind to believe it if you dress the part! 

woman on her hands and knees on a staircase wearing maroon lacey lingerie

Enter Lingerie and Empowerment!

In social psychology, there is a term called “Enclothed Cognition” (read more about that here!).  There are two parts needed to impact your self-image through clothing: the act of wearing the clothes and the meaning you attach to them. Your mindset is just as important as your clothing!

This is why being each piece of lingerie you choose for your boudoir shoot tells a story! 

And don’t worry, we are here to help and support you with those decisions! 

You put lingerie on with a specific purpose: to transform from the general errand-running, chore-having, work-scheduling YOU…

… into the sassy self-empowered, and feminine goddess YOU. 

Your mind may tell you that a person wearing a doctor’s lab coat is more intelligent and capable.  Similarly, your mind will “see” you wearing lingerie and create a strong self-belief that you are magnetic, sexy, and alluring!

image of a woman standing in a creek wearing a long-sleeved deep red bodysuitboudoir session glam makeup red lips water

At Lynn Dee Photography, our mission is to provide a comfortable and safe environment to empower you to feel connected to your femininity and goddess-like power!  

So now you know that psychologically our brains LOVE LINGERIE! And we love how it works with you to transform your mindset and help boost your confidence.

Even if you don’t think it “feels like you,” don’t knock it until you try it.  You may surprise yourself!  

Still not sure? Then don’t take our word for it – check out Ms. C’s story!

Ready to let us help “psych” you up?! Click here to schedule your no-obligation consultation now!

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