Why Social Media Comparison Is So Toxic

June 19, 2023

I think it’s safe to say that to one degree or other, most of us have dealt with social media comparison.

How many of you have seen some girl’s poolside picture on Instagram and wish that was you? For most of us, that “hopeful” thought doesn’t just stop there- it begins an entire whirlwind of negative self-talk.

Maybe those thoughts turn into guilt because you think you’re “not doing enough”. Then it trickles into shame, feeling like you’d be liked more, gain more followers, and be happier if you had what she had.

This kind of comparison needs to end.

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However, I think it’s important to clarify that comparison isn’t always toxic. There’s a huge difference between feeling motivated, empowered, and inspired by what someone emcompasses compared to feeling intense shame, guilt, and remorse. 

Here’s the thing- social media isn’t going away. Influencers aren’t being cancelled. So what can you do? What’s the solution here?

Mindfulness, radical acceptance, and moderation.

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You don’t have to like your current physical state. Maybe you’re not quite where you envisioned yourself at this age. You might not have the amount of followers you hoped for, or that dream job you always imagined you’d have. 

Where you’re at is exactly in this moment is where you’re meant to be.

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Does this mean you can’t change or even have to change? Hell no. Does this mean that you deserve to drill your self-worth, confidence, and health into the ground to get to that place? Again, hell no. 

Remind yourself that what you see on social media is far from reality. Whatever we post is what we want the world to see. We might portray this picture-perfect life, but nothing is perfect, or anywhere close to perfection. 

So the next time you see that next post that makes you feel that little pit in your stomach, remember that you are right where you need to be. Nothing is permanent. The only guarantee in life is change. 

It’s hard to live in the moment if you’re stuck comparing yourself to others on social media.

Even if one day you fit your “perfect” mold, there’s no guarantee you’ll find happiness. 

Your strengths, weaknesses, and imperfections are part of who you are. Growth is always at your fingertips. Where you are at today is more than okay. Your body and spirit deserve love and respect from you. 

So, I guess to sum this post up, what you see on social media isn’t reality. Celebrate yourself for how far you’ve come. Your lifestyle, finances, and looks don’t determine whether or not you’re a good person. 

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