Body Positive Mindset is NOT a Movement

April 29, 2024

The reality is that having a positive mindset about your body is not easy.  If you are anywhere on social media then you see all the perfectly snatched faces and bodies and are getting a TON of marketing around the latest bodysuits that will make you look like you “think” you should look. 

Here’s a reality check:  You are gorgeous just as you are.  Don’t believe me?  Do a boudoir, branding, or body-positive photo shoot.  The images that get captured are your true, authentic self.  And your joy, your personality, your essence shine through.  Guess what- none of those things have to do with your body shape, they have to do with who you are on the inside. 

We focus on the outside and in doing so we hide ourselves from the world.  Well, you can’t hide away from the camera.  Not your selfie camera- even selfies are a tool to hide ourselves instead of the old-fashioned candid shots.  I mean a real camera, in a safe space where no one is judging you, just loving who you are, the way you are, and what you bring. 

See the thing is this, if we call body positivity and acceptance a movement, then it’s just a trend.  But if we decide, as women, that we are amazing (not just good enough) the way we are, then all of a sudden the world has no choice but to accept us.  So come and join the women who are taking on this challenge of living our lives in transparency.  We are here to help, support, partner, and most importantly, love you because you are you.  Start with taking a candid photo, or better yet, let me take your photo and show you how amazing you are. 

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