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December 15, 2023

A Client Experience Story By Delpha DiGiacomo

“Oh my goodness the sky is beautiful!!!”  That was my first thought as we walked through the entrance of South Beach.  We were wearing white, had crowns on our heads and flower headbands in our hands (because you can never have enough crowns).  We were not there for a wedding.  We were in white, with crowns, at the beach for an empowerment session.  Now you might ask, what is an empowerment session and why are you dressed like you are about to do some magic?  Well, isn’t empowerment magic?  It changes you from the core and lets you shine through.  So let me tell you about this experience.

On this beautiful October sunset, we set out to do a calming, grounding meditation that would give us an anchor to a truth we all needed: 

We are enough.

We are beautiful.

We are strong.

Our feminine power is indeed POWER.

We are magic personified.

The empowerment part had just begun.  We heard powerful words from Lynn during our meditation that grounded us in the space around us and each other.  We felt that connection, peace, and strength while sitting on the beach, around a makeshift firepit surrounded by colorful blankets, throw pillows, and roses.  A moment later, we were giving oracle readings to each other.  Now you might say, “here comes the wooo woo,” but the reality is that those readings brought us even closer together.  As we looked at the cards, interpreted them, and shared bits of our current history, hopes, and dreams, we became a sisterhood.  Shortly after, as if moved by the wind, we started walking around the shore and enjoying the sunset.  That’s when even more magic happened. 

“I look like Moana!!!”  I screamed as I looked into Lynn’s camera and caught a glimpse of one of the pictures she took of me.  I felt beautiful, strong, full of life and joy.  It was not just a photoshoot; it was truly a moment where I felt fully empowered.  I knew my strength. I felt my spirit and I FELT BEAUTIFUL.  I cannot say I feel that every day but in that moment I felt it all at once and it was MAGIC.  I was at the beach, during a gorgeous sunset, with a calm ocean, surrounded by old and new friends, and I felt amazing. 

And it was not over.  We lit sparklers and released our magic into the setting sun.  It was fun to run around free and not worry about what we looked like.  We knew we looked beautiful and our joy was beaming out through our pores.  That evening of joy was infectious.  It was the local homecoming night and high school couples were at the beach for their pictures.  We shared with a young couple our sparklers and flower crowns to pass on the magic to them.  They had a blast.  We had a blast, and in that moment, I felt everything was just right in the world. 

If you are wondering why empowerment photography is a thing then let’s help you see it.  IT IS A THING!!  It is an experience.  It is magic.  It brings you to a place of completeness.  And that feeling stays with you every time you remember the moments spent in the session.  Empowerment happens through photography because you have the opportunity to fully accept yourself in that moment and NO ONE can take that away from you. 

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