What If I am not Photogenic…..A Branding Experience

May 13, 2024

By Delpha DiGiacomo

48 years old hits you HARD!!!!!  I’ve gained like 50 pounds since I was 38 years old.  Wrinkles are starting to show.  And what the hell is it with this crepe skin situation?   We all have to live with aging but frankly, who wants to put that out there? 

SO that’s the bad news.  And yet, we still have to live our lives and love ourselves at whatever stage we are at.  So I decided to do a photo shoot. I wanted to use the pictures to do a couple of things:

  • Capture me where I am at today
  • GET OVER my thought that I am no longer photogenic (like when I felt like a sexy kitten in my 20’s)

I told Lynn and Kailyn that I was not photogenic.  They were so reassuring and supportive and I felt safe but still.  That pesky voice in my head said “you are about to find out the truth…….you are NO LONGER photogenic and your fat ass needs to go hide in a closet.” 

The truth was WAY DIFFERENT than the voice in my head.  The truth was that I looked HOT AF!!!  My hair, my eyes, my skin, I mean when I saw the first picture I had to ask myself who is this HOT WOMAN.  And yes, I was photogenic with a little help from Lynn on posing and just centering myself. 

Here is what I learned in my session about being truly photogenic:

  1. Relax and Be Yourself: The best photos are those that captured my genuine emotions. I had to just relax my shoulders, smile naturally and with joy, and let my personality shine through.
  2. Find Your Angle: We worked out different angles to worked best for me. That’s where having a master photographer pays dividends!!! This is where you let yourself be guided into tilting your head slightly, turning your body, or Lynn adjusting the camera angle can all make a difference in how you appear in photos.
  3. Practice Posing: I did take some time to practice posing in front of a mirror. And let me tell you , selfies are NOT how you pose for photos.  You need to find poses that feel comfortable and flattering.  Also, follow rule #1- stay relaxed and just have fun. 
  4. Play with Lighting: I learned in my session that lighting can make a world of difference in how a photo turns out. Natural light is very flattering and brings out your beauty. 
  5. Choose Flattering Outfits: This could have been a disaster for me!!!  But really get your friends engaged in this part of the process.  When I looked at my closet I realized I had NO COLORS so I went shopping.  Then I brought 10 outfits to mix and match at the shoot and magic happened.  I learned that green is my color, that red is so hot on me it should be illegal, and that solids and patterns are a great way to look AMAZING. 

Ultimately, being photogenic is less about actually BEING photogenic and more about where you are in life and being accepting of yourself.  You ARE photogenic and this is more about feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin. So, let go of self-doubt, and let your inner light shine. You are beautiful exactly as you are, and that’s what truly makes you photogenic.

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