The Essence of Western Glam

June 2, 2024

Why do we love the character of Beth Dutton in Yellowstone?  Really you either love or hate her but you KNOW who she is. That is because she is a strong, self-assured, grown-ass woman who is in full control of her life.  Even with all the horrendous things that happen to her in the back story and the series, and all the scars that build up in her heart, face, and body, she still perseveres she is still strong and she is still a woman to be reckoned with.  That is the essence of Western Glam.

For me, the passion around this type of session is huge.  I LOVE my horses, I LOVE empowering women and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the strength that my clients find during these sessions.  It all starts with the “what the heck will I wear???” We talk about that, and really in the end, you wear what makes YOU feel the most beautiful and aligns with your cowgirl soul, or western hippie, or nature goddess soul.  It then moves to “but how is this going to look?”  Well, this answer is easy.  It going to be GORGEOUS because you are gorgeous.  What happens in every shoot that I am never prepared for but always in amazement of, is how a woman’s story shows up in the pictures. 

Like Beth Dutton, we all have a story.  We have scars- both physical and emotional.  We all have a desire to embody our womanhood in a way that is uniquely ours and most of all we all want a reminder that we still have “it.”  Our story, the overcoming, the result of the strife and angst and the strength we gain comes out in the pictures in a way that is indescribable.  BUT each and every time, my clients recognize their innermost selves in the pictures.  The woman they REALLY are, not the woman society wants them to be. 

Western glam for me is not just a moment of empowerment, it is an opening to self-recognition that is like nothing you ever experiences before.  This is not your wedding, your coming out party or even just a fun photo shoot.  This moment, when the pictures are being taken, and you feel AMAZING, you look INCREDIBLE, and are in your ever-loving glory out in nature is pure magic. 

So come take that journey.  You will not regret it. 

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